Recognized by: National Council for Teacher Education (N.C.T.E)
Affiliated to: BSAEU (Erstwhile WBUTTEPA) & West Bengal Board of Primary Education


About College

The objective of the institution is to impart practical knowledge of teaching profession to the student with due care and scientific temper, so that they as aspiring teachers return the same to their pupils of all ages to build their careers and lives in a truly human perspective. With this objective, we provide modern facilities and amenities to the students. 

Why to choose Beta College of Education:

  1. Quality and qualification of the faculty members are the most important deciding parameter for the quality of Higher Education Institute (HEI) like Beta College of Education.
  2. The faculty-student ratio is perfect.
  3. For having proper physical and Academic Infrastructure.
  4. It conducts quality Academic program along with placement and industry exposure.
  5. Delivery in Academics is highly acceptable and stress-free.
  6. The institution processes a good culture with implicit environment, leadership and Administration.

Know More About Our Courses

Why to choose B.Ed. Course:

  1. Pursuance of B.Ed course skills-up eligible graduates to inculcate good teaching skills and to instruct the administrative works in Educational Institution.
  2. Teachers trained in B.Ed course can play the role in creating a healthy education structure after the course curriculum taught skilled perspective and to imply correct pedagogy.
  3. After completion of B.Ed. course, candidate can work in schools, coaching centres, different departments of education and consultancies.
  4. After completion of B.Ed course, candidates can appear in different competitive examinations for different jobs including teaching jobs for Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations.
  5. It can develop skills in all the functional area of education and management for providing multiple opportunities for experience-based learning.
  6. Through this course, the candidate can gather and enhance their positive, inclusive thinking and achievements in the working place.
  7. It develops the good conceptual understanding of contemporary skills and their application.

Why to do D.El.Ed Course:

  1. The top most job in the world is to bring a child in the lime light of education.
  2. A trained teacher with Diploma in Education become capable for creating an interest amongst children about the modern process of education.
  3. Through this course, a candidate will be trained and eligible to get a job of teacher in the Primary Education sector, Montessori education and Basic education.
  4. After completion of this course, a candidate can be expert in child psychology and the cognitive aspect of education.


Important Event Updates

Our Main Objective

The main objective of the college is to bring about the physical, mental, emotional, social, cultural and ethical integration of an individual in order to involve a complete human being who can serve better to his/ her society and nation.


To emerge as a center of excellence in teacher education by providing best learning platform to produce the best teachers for upcoming needs of the society.


  • To provide effective teaching environment which promotes a joyful learning situation for the pupils to enhance their competence and knowledge construction abilities.
  • To provide support for learning which are well suited to pupils’ individual abilities and needs.
  • To provide accommodation, resources and facilities which are appropriate to an excellent modern education.
  • To prepare dedicated teachers for improvement of the school education system in imparting quality education.
  • To assist teachers in understanding principles, techniques, methods, process of teaching and learning.

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