Chairman’s Desk

I extend my warmest welcome to everyone for being a part of our educational journey. As the Chairman of the institution, I am privileged to be a part of the vibrant community dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth, and holistic development of the educational system.


At Beta College of Education, we committed to provide a better nurturing and inclusive environment where the students can be benefitted academically, intellectually and holistically. We have carefully assembled a dedicated and passionate team of expertise faculty members, who are committed to imparting wisdom and shape young mind.

Their guidance, mentorship and constant support are instrumental in preparing our students within and beyond the classroom. Furthermore, we understand the importance of a strong bond between Students, Teachers, parents and community. Lastly, I extend my heartfelt attitude to all students, parents and faculty members for showing their trust in our organization. With our collaborative effort, we will continue to embark a journey of growth, learning and transformation.

Haji Mahammad Ali Mondal